Love and enjoy to watch wildlife ? In Taman Negara Pahang Malaysia, you will see wildlife in front of your eyes !

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Observation hides where you can spend the night are aplenty. From the hides, you could watch wildlife or other nocturnal animals at the salt licks. The most popular hide is Tahan Hide, just a stone’s throw from the Park Headquarters.


But Tahan is not the only hide available. There are Tabing, Cegar, Anjing, Blau, Yong and Kumbang Hides as well for you to zoom into a multitude of fauna within the perimeter of the park.

All the hides are strategically located overlooking salt licks and grassy clearings for clearer view. Listen also to the most prominent spund that comes from the hornbills.

You can also find fireback pheasents as well as fish eagles and kingfishers close to the rivers areas. Another river i.e. Sungai Tahan is popular for Masked Finfoot. There are just some of the 250 species of wild birds that have been identified in Taman Negara so far.


If you’re lucky, you can chance upon wild and shy animals like Seladang ( Wild ox ), Sambar or barking dear, wild boar and Tapir. There are also other animals that inhabit the park such as elephants, tigers, leopards, sun bears and the endangered Sumatran rhinos.

Not to be missed also are long-tailed Macaques often seen by the river, the screeching sound of the Leaf Monkeys, the white-Handed Gibbons and the Siamang that roam in groups known for its noisy sound early in the morning.


You have an opportunity to experience the animal observation from this hide if you are participating in the night walk activity. You are not allowed to stay for overnight in this hide.